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Adelphi Alumni Volunteer Program

Adelphi University depends, in large part, on coordinated efforts among the Development staff, Alumni Relations staff and alumni volunteers. Adelphi’s alumni volunteers are a strategic resource of great importance. While we understand it is very difficult to put a dollar value on volunteer time, we know our volunteers provide many intangibles to advance Adelphi University:

  • Advocating for Adelphi’s mission
  • Providing leadership
  • Supporting projects
  • Engaging alumni
  • Encouraging philanthropic support

These volunteer roles advance our alma mater in the following ways:

  • By attracting the best students
  • By promoting the University within the community (with Adelphi business leaders, government officials, the press and residents)
  • By increasing the value of our Adelphi University degrees
  • Enhancing the University’s reputation within a regional and national presence

Alumni are able to participate and fulfill volunteer roles in the following areas:

University Boards

Alumni Council– Adelphi University Alumni Council is an important resource for the Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) and serves in an advisory capacity to support and communicate OAR’s ongoing slate of events, programs, benefits and initiatives.

School or Athletics Advisory Boards-serve in an advisory capacity for each school or athletic team to monitor and support each avenue.

Each of these councils are by invitation only at the recommendation of the Office of Alumni Relations.


This position requires you to provide behind the scenes support to the Alumni Relations Staff at office events. For example greet alumni, provide information to guests who are new to campus, hand out programs, assist with registrations and much more. To apply, fill out the volunteer application.

Admissions Ambassador:

Are you interested in serving as an Adelphi ambassador at a local or regional college fair, open house, or Accepted Student Day? Then we are looking for you! Simply fill out the form and a member of the Alumni Relations or University Admissions staff will be in touch with you about how you can help attract the best and brightest students to Adelphi!

Career Coaching/ Mentoring:

As a Career Coach/Mentor, you will be asked to provide support to an Adelphi student looking to go into your chosen field. Support may include resume and cover letter reviews, networking opportunities, one on one meeting as well as individualized attention based on the student. To apply, fill out the volunteer application. The application does require uploading your resume for credentials.

Classroom Speakers:

Classroom speakers will be asked to present in a classroom to Adelphi students. Presentations may be based on career field or personal experiences. This position will be available by an invitation only basis.  To apply, fill out the volunteer application. This will be where the invitation is determined from. The application does require uploading your resume for credentials.

Webinar Presenters:

Webinar presenters will be presenting information on a webinar platform for alumni education. These events will be offered throughout the year and be available on a variety of topics. Webinars will be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour in length. You will be asked to work with Alumni Relations staff to create the presentation and prepare for the webinar.  If you have a topic you feel you would like to speak on, please email Katie La Vecchio as well as fill out the volunteer application.

Affinity Committees:

Does your student group have a big anniversary coming up that you would like to celebrate? You could assist in the planning process for your affinity group.  Your role would be assisting the office with updated contact information for members of your group, event logistics and day of preparation.  Contact Katie La Vecchio with the student group and the anniversary you are celebrating as well as fill out the volunteer application.

Reunion Committees:

As a Reunion committee member you are expected to work as part of a group. There will be several meetings you are expected to attend throughout the year before the start of the event. To apply, contact the Office of Alumni Relations as well as fill out the volunteer application.

Event Sponsorship:

As an event sponsor, you will be offering to provide event space or financial support for an Adelphi Alumni event. To support an Alumni Relations event, please contact Katie La Vecchio.

Professional Expertise:

As this type of volunteer you will be asked to consult with faculty, alumni or students about your professional expertise. This consultation may occur in classrooms, with student groups or in one-on-one situations. Consultations may take place at night or on weekends. To apply, fill out the volunteer application. The application does require uploading your resume for credentials

Alumni Speaker/Panelist:

As an alumni speaker/ panelist, you will be asked to speak about personal experiences at a wide range of events on campus. Events may take place at night or on weekends. To apply, fill out the volunteer application. The application does require uploading your resume for credentials. 

If interested in volunteering, please fill out the application and you will be contacted by a member of the Alumni Relations Team!


For further information, please contact:

Office of Alumni Relations
Nexus Building, 2nd Floor
p – 516.877.3470
e –

Follow Adelphi Alumni Relations at:          
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