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Class of 1969 50th Reunion

To our fellow classmates,

The date is set for our 50th reunion.

In case you’ve been distracted by the incidentals of post-college life, we’re writing to remind you that in 1969, we all said farewell to Adelphi …and to each other … and began making our way in the world. For some, that was a goodbye. For others, “until we meet again”.

And ‘meet again’ is exactly what’s planned for Fri, Sat, and Sun, this October 4, 5, & 6 on the home field in Garden City. As John Belushi famously intoned in The Blues Brothers (1980!), “We’re putting the band back together” … but it won’t be at the Snack Bar. This may come as a shock to you but the beloved Snack Bar has fallen victim to ‘progress’. As has the Little Theater. As has Omicron. Like all of us, Adelphi has changed and we’re hoping that you’d like to see those changes in person … in the company of friends who will be equally amazed.

With the help of Adelphi’s Alumni Relations office, we’ve tried to create a program that will appeal to all of us who have spent so many of our formative years on that campus. There’ll be an informal lunch, campus tours, a farewell Sunday brunch, and more … including plenty of free time to reconnect with friends and fill in the 50 year blank.

Of course, now that the easy part is done, the hard work begins. We hope you’re up to it because your participation ensures the success of our 50th reunion. Essentially, if you’re still in contact with ANY of the Adelphi crew from ’69 (other years OK too), let them know. Adelphi has dubbed the homecoming “Spirit Weekend” and it will be built around our 50th so other classes are encouraged to attend.

Our goal is to invite EVERYONE, whether or not they choose to attend. Your ongoing social contacts are an essential part of that formula. Many changes have occurred (did we mention that yet?) and much contact info is outdated so YOU forwarding THIS invitation to interested alumni only increases our chances of reaching EVERYONE. Social media has been a big help but many continue to fly beneath the radar for now. Time to get serious.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and, more importantly, seeing you in October back on the Adelphi campus.

Rosemary (Verdi) Baggish

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Michael Alpern

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