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Student Alumni Council

Assist the Office of Alumni Relations and gain valuable leadership experience.

Do you know a student leader to represent the Office of Alumni Relations?
We need your nominations for the Student Alumni Council.

The mission of the Student Alumni Council is to identify and develop student leaders to serve as counterparts of the Alumni Relations staff through direct involvement with events, programs, and initiatives. 

Roles of Student Alumni Council:
Council members will attend alumni events such as Adelphi Spirit Weekend, special campus programs, and school and college activities throughout the year. Members will also serve as student representatives at high profile events, such as President Riordan’s Momentum Tour and the President’s Gala. Additional activities will include supporting University Advancement programs and initiatives and professional development workshops.

Criteria for Membership:

  • Academic Requirement: 3.0 GPA and good academic standing.
  • Enrollment Status: Full-time undergraduate student with one semester completed.
  • Skills: Demonstrated leadership and effective communication.
  • Campus Involvement: Participation in at least two campus organization or activities. 

Recommendations accepted from Adelphi faculty and staff.

Nominations are taken on a rolling basis. 

» Nominate a Student Leader for the Student Alumni Council

Current Members

Jessica Bellomo ’21
Mathematics, STEP

Jennifer Blandeburgo ’18

Ethan Bravin ’19


Stacy Brief ’20

Social Work

Brandon Buono ’19

Business Administration
Athletics Panther Logo
Caitlin Cronin ’19
Athletics Panther Logo
Chrissy DeBlasio ’19
Anthropology & History

Emilcar ’19
Biology; Chemistry minor

Marissa Flaherty ’20

Art Education; Design minor

Olivia Fohsz ’19
Athletics Panther Logo
Rachel Foley ’19


Megan Haffey ’19
Athletics Panther Logo
Marcus Henriques ’20

Physics Engineering

Moriah Rastegar ’20
Spanish, Translation Studies minor

Valencia Saint- Louis ’20

Andrew Jacobson ’20

Angel Mercado ’20
Political Science, Pyschology 

Dana Silverstein ’20

Bharrat Sookdeo ’21
Business, Finance Minor
Athletics Panther Logo
Antonette White ’19
Political Science

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Assistant Director
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